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Sunday, 23 Oct 2016
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Family History Journal Online

Welcome to the Family History Zone!

Family History Zone For many of us, the Family History Zone needs no further description. If you're one of the tens-of-millions worldwide to have been bitten by the genealogy bug, then you already fully understand that once you enter the Family History Zone, you never leave.

We've been in 'the Zone' for nearly 30 years ourselves and so we understand exactly where you're coming from! Our mission is to connect you with the information, data sources, and other Web sites that can satisfy your genealogical curiosity.

Feature — Census Records
Census records are among the most useful of all records available for family historians. Despite all the hype online, many researchers don't fully understand the importance of census research or how to properly mine all the clues sitting before them. As collections have appeared online, many have abandoned microfilm-based research, but searching through an electronic index can present a set of new and unique challenges.
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Census Records

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